Terms and Conditions

This Lvivexpres will be under no liability whatsoever by reason of error that it might be responsible in almost any advertisement beyond liability to own marketer or advertising agency credit for because the area occupied through the advertisement out of the box materially impacted by the mistake and also the obligation to provide such credit shall not affect several incorrect insertion under any contract unless of course it’s informed from the inaccuracy just before the deadline for repeating the insertion. To be able to be eligible for a an allowance, claims for errors should be designed to the Writer within thirty (30) days in the date of invoice. This Lvivexpres can make the ultimate determination around the amount, or no, of the credit allowance.

The Lvivexpres accepts no liability because of its failure, for just about any cause, to place an advert. The Lvivexpres accepts no liability for cutbacks in circulation or distribution triggered by functions of God, strikes, labor disputes, suspension of publication, failure of transportation or other cause past the charge of Lvivexpres.

All positions of ads are in a choice of the Lvivexpres. In no event will changes, reinstatements or refunds be produced due to the positioning and/or section by which an advert continues to be released. This Lvivexpres will aim to adhere to section demands along with other conditions and terms that show up on insertion orders, but cannot guarantee they’re adopted. Office managers and account professionals aren’t approved to change this provision in order to guarantee positioning with respect to the Lvivexpres. The only person with this particular authority may be the Writer. Misclassification of classified advertisements isn’t allowed.

Ads should be taken care of within thirty days of insertion or are subject after that to some service charge of just one.5% monthly (18% each year) until compensated. However, certain advertising groups will need early repayment as specified by the speed cards. Acceptable types of early repayment are charge card or marketer or agency guaranteed check. When any kind of the take into account advertising becomes delinquent, then your entire balance due shall become due and due and also the Lvivexpres may won’t publish further advertising. Within this event, the marketer or agency shall purchase ad space really used based on the rate gained during the time of delinquency